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About JP Insurance Services Inc.

Established in 2007, JP Insurance Services Inc. is an independent insurance agency, dedicated to serving the needs of our business and personal clients.

As an independent agency, we work for our clients and not an insurance company. We are a member of an alliance of more than 70 independent agencies. This alliance gives us bargaining power with insurance companies and enables us to form relationships with insurers that benefit our clients. With this increased selection of providers to choose from, we are able to place our clients in products that match their needs very precisely. Through this flexibility in our business structure, we have the ability to adapt to customer demands quickly. We only use providers that have been carefully selected and are highly rated in the industry with a strong financial background.

Our philosophy and goals are simple:

  • Make ourselves available at your convenience, we can be reached after hours or on weekends, if needed;
  • Educate our clients as to insurance jargon, coverages, and your needs, given your current life situation;
  • Market your needs to multiple providers and seek the lowest price for the coverages needed;
  • Provide a quote, and make sure you understand what coverages the price includes;
  • Help you make a decision if advice is needed; and,
  • Obtain coverage as quickly as it is desired and make the process as easy as possible for the client.

We pride ourselves in taking good care of our clients. Our business values honesty and straight-forwardness above all else. We not only hope to develop a business relationship with you, but a friendship as well. Whether we win your business or not, hopefully you come out of the experience more informed than when you started. If you ever have questions, or need your coverages reviewed, whether you are client or not, don’t hesitate to call. We hope you will give us a try!